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The Vizsla Club of Metro Atlanta (VCMA) was formed in January of 2002 by a dedicated group of vizsla enthusiasts.


As a member club of The Vizsla Club of America, Inc., our members are devoted to protecting the qualities of the breed through mentoring and education.  


We encourage involvement by hosting a variety of events and activities for owners to showcase and enjoy the versatility of this wonderful breed.

Happiness is a warm puppy

Charles M. Schultz

Our Mission

Board Of Directors

Brigitte Winegarner

Chris Griswold

Mary Kenney

Teresa McCreight


Club Officers

President: Tania Campbell

Vice President: Kae Zimmerman

Secretary: Krikor Dekirmenjian​

Treasurer: Jodi Fox

Club Divisions

Membership: Becky White

Breeder Referral: Kae Zimmerman

Rescue: Kat Harrington

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